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Jezebelle's Journal

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



Monday, February 23, 2009


Obviously the topic of the King Lake bushfires have been hot on everyone's tongues of late and I have been the little voice reminding people that the region that went up is NOT one of the top 3 bushfire threat areas in the world.  I have mused over the fact that the Mount Dandenong area has not gone up...

...well, that was until today.

My parents are on their way home right now, from a memorial service for a family member (fake family) and his family who were taken by the King Lake fires...and I heard on the radio that Upwey and Tecoma have been evacuated.  I rang Dad (I knew that it was Mum driving) and told him to call me when they got home...that was 2 hours ago.  

they should be home by now.

I am taking deep breaths and trying so hard not to panic.  but its so hard.

Who do we, the masses pray to, when it is so fucking obvious that there is no God?????

Just let them get out safely.  Let them rescue their pets and just get OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

7:33PM - so..

this is what it feels like to be a homeowner...

My head is filled with planning and things that we must do with a little room for "ooohhh that would look great in our new house".

We stood there today, in our back room (soon to be dining/lounge) and laughed at how ONE ROOM is about the same size as what we have been living in for a little over 12 months.  

Friday (settlement day) was filled with "oh my GOD the bath IS big enough" and "THIS room is going to be our library" (yes Lindy, I do want the phone number of the guy who built your bookcases) and "oh the back yard is BIGGER than I thought" "the front yard would be so much better with a 6ft picket fence" "there IS an airconditioner" "there IS ducted heating" "ohmygodohmygodohmydog watch me orgasm over out kick arse stove/oven" 

Today I had time to notice the little cracks in the wall, the concrete slab covering where the fire place used to be, the missing door handle on the front of one of our interior doors, the gaffa tape hiding an exposed wire in the kitchen, the lack of TV antenna.  All fixable, minor details, absolutely nothing to worry about.

Finally A had some stress, while we were talking about what money would be left over (after throwing 9K after whitegoods) turns out that I had over budgeted, so we will indeed have enough money to be comfortable.

Packers are coming on the 6th ( I won't be there -> wedding!!) removalists are coming on the 9th (Its my birthday so I will be out gallivanting with the lovely  death_ray  and then out to dinner with my grandmother.  Then ALL of february will be filled with unpacking and settling in HRH (the cat).

Pleased doesn't even come close to describing it!!!  

Saturday, March 29, 2008

4:30PM - happy...

I spent a lovely day today with a friend trawling around the preston market, we stopped for coffees and chatted and it was relaxing and fun!!
It reinforced that while I am really not coping with groups of more than about 4 people, I still really appreciate my friends and enjoy their company. 

Perhaps I am just turning into one of those people who only does one on one catch ups and let myself own that, instead of persisting in trying to make it to group stuff because it seems to be when I have heaps of group stuff on that I fall apart and run away and hide. 

food for thought...

Friday, February 15, 2008


for my friends haiiro_neko and natalya_dostova

for the full story, go here -> http://icanhascheezburger.com/2008/02/14/lol-marriage-proposal/#proposal

Sunday, January 27, 2008


country "Doms" who take on submissives who are so far from self sufficient that they need to ask their "Masters" permission to use the bathroom...

should spend more time keeping their rude cunty submissives in line on the internet and less time worrying about her bowel movements

that is all!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


my new kitten

my new kittie....I pick her up the day after my birthday!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am sick and tired of people and their pettiness!

I am sick of other people's bullshit!

and most of all...I am sick and tired of people who don't have the skills, trying to manipulate me just because I am fragile at the moment.

vent over - I have the internet on again!!

unpacking still isn't finished

Thursday, December 13, 2007

9:03PM - HELP!!!

I desperately need some help....

I am moving house next Tuesday and so am planning on spending the weekend ferrying stuff from north fitzroy to the new abode in Reservoir

If anyone is free this weekend (or trying to avoid xmas parties) and willing to help with sorting and ferrying, please let me know!!!!

The last time I checked, the move was weeks away and I still had HEAPS of time to pack and plan...and now....its in a couple of days.

My plan at this stage, is to ferry our clothes and general bits and bobs across, then the packers will come and pack everything else and the movers will move it all Tuesday.

I also desperately need someone with either a station wagon or trailer (or tow bar thingy that a trailer can be attached to and I will rent the trailer) to take washing machine and drier to my grandmothers in Fawkner...

proper post to come once bloody Xmas is over and done with!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


today I would like to make mention of what I am grateful for, so that it reminds me, on the days ahead that may not be as enjoyable as I would like.

- my wonderful friends on LJ who make me smile by the amazing pictures that they bring to mind in their posts!!
- my wonderful friends in general who I love to spend time with and miss terribly in my hermitting stressed out state of being right now.
- the amazing amount of support that everyone around me has given me - someone with a less healthy dose of self esteem would think they were a terrible person for burdening their friends, but I am VERY confident in the knowledge that I would do my best to be as supportive (and do so, when) if the tables were turned, so instead I feel grateful and honoured!
- my wonderful partner A who has the patience of a saint (and who only complained a TINY bit when I got home, woke him up and bullied him into coming to the BWS and the Pizza shop with me to buy beer and pizza- and who promptly fell asleep again once the pizza had been delivered. (yeh, we went to the pizza shop around the corner, ordered, paid and then went home and waited for it to be delivered...I really didn't want to be out of the house last night)
- the life that I have created for myself  - which encompasses all of the above and so much more

and last but not least

- our new bathroom, which is ALMOST ready!!!!

more to come soon...am off to have some girly time with a new friend from work (another intelligent articulate female to add to my amazing group of friends!!)

So I have a sucky job and didn't get the potential dream job (too much screwing around trying to get reference checks done. its not completely blown out of the water yet, they are looking for something else that might be suitable, but it certainly feels like any chance has gone) I have so much other stuff to be grateful for!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

4:14PM - another meme

stolen from the lovely morgan303 well its not so much a meme as a youyou...

There was another version of this meme/youyou in devs_alil_angel's lj....and its just so lovely....so I thought I would steal it...

so this is how it goes:

Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

11:02AM - life...

    at the moment life is more like a box of yucky stale chocolates work is horrendous, health is rather poorly and I am feeling less and less social. 

I am hibernating for a bit while I get everything back on track - I will however be at chains next weekend to catch up with some friends. 

I am looking for a new job at the moment, currently am applying for jobs in Superannuation...will see how it goes.   it is a bit of a race at the moment to see if I get a new job or just throw in the job that I have first. 

Thursday, July 19, 2007


$385.00 anddddd......MEDIA BOX IS COMMMMING!!!!!!

yayyyy for Cef and his brilliant ideas!!!!

Finally, I can actually watch heroes hehe

(its sad when the happiest thing in your life is new technology....especially when you aren't even a PC geek!!!)

Sunday, June 10, 2007


so last night was Chains first birthday....what a night!!

There were over 170 people there...and many of whom I love to catch up with...

some highlights of the evening were.......

I squeezed into my brand new latex dress (see the photo - which has been photoshopped to enhance it a little....but is the best copy of what I looked like that I have so far - hopefully some pics were taken on the night....) It was a brand new experience, but I think I really am more of a PVC girl....had MANY compliments tho...

my new black wig also had its first outing, I have learnt that I need to pin it next time to stop it slipping back on my head ...

the new subbie worked out quite well...we had a great play and he sent me a lovely email when he got home last night thanking me for my time and the play (OH MY GOD a submissive with manners.....I really HAVE finally struck it lucky, I think I will keep this one, so I sent him an email letting him know that he was currently under consideration)

I finally met one of Aarons closest mates, who came along for the night (I bought him and his girly tickets so that I could finally meet him) We got along well - as I knew we would, I had absolutely no reservation about meeting him, which was probably a first, but it could have been the whole familiar sorroundings thing....

I saw so many people last night who I really enjoy spending time with, and it was so great to see all of them having such a good time!!  There were a couple of people who weren't there who I had wished had been able to make it, but I completely understand the need for a night in...selfishly, I wanted to show the latex off to them...

I did get groped and patted and had my nipples tweaked more last night than in a very long time and I had FUN!!!!! 

Finally, things are starting to look up again!!!!!  Isn't it funny how one really good night can sometimes just make everything seem easier...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


so LJ has been lit up by some unfortunate incidents this past week

I wouldn't use the word "troll" to describe the little idiot that seems to be randomly adding people at will for some strange reason, but he/she/it CALLS themself that:
kingoftrolls and his/her/its cohorts really seem to be stirring up a bit of drama for them/itselves and I can't work out why (well, aside from the obvious, they have no life and nothing better to do with themselves option)

So, I read the journal of a couple of these silly little people.  All in all, a couple of words were brought to mind that I will make sure that I whisper into the ears of those who are being hurt by these stupid peoples' posts slander and libel...because if these people are publically reposting private conversations and highlighting them so that things that you have said in what you believed to be a private setting and a "safe" environment are taken out of context...I am pretty sure that LJ has an abuse reporting system...also, it is important to note, that real names do not have to be in play for a libel claim to hold up in court, pet names and allusions that are strong enough to identify who the person that is being referred to is...a VERY strong case...

anyway...as far as I am concerned
kingoftrolls...if you want to read my mundane drivel, be it at your own free will, but my journal is mostly locked, and not all that interesting anyway...nice to meet you and all that (yes...well spotted, sarcasm folks!!). I am sure that you have already had this pointed out, but its usually polite to introduce yourself before adding someone willy nilly to your LJ list, but live and let live I say.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

1:29PM - another death...

someone who I had known and been friends with for many years passed away on Monday (or perhaps it was Sunday, the details are sketchy) A and I raised a few pints in his honour last night and we are both at home today trying to process this tragic news. 

Ted helped me through a lot over the years and taught me a great deal about myself and the world in general.  I will miss him terribly, even tho I seldom saw him over the last couple of years.

RIP Ted, you will always be remembered.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

7:15PM - Bitter is the New Black

 natalya_dostova lent me "Bitter is the New Black" and today I sat and read it.  I mean with my goth roots, I am always interested in what the general public is shoving forward as "the NEW black" when will they learn...black NEVER goes out of fashion!! Black is ALWAYS the new black!!!

Anyway, I consumed this book cover to cover, no interruptions, no putting it down, no getting bored with it and tossing it aside (like normal) - although I have to admit that there was a fair bit of muttering at it whilst I read...

The author, Jen Lancaster is the sort of sassy,bitchy, self involved person that I tend to surround myself with, her sense of humour is similar to that of most of my nearest and dearest and she is able to convey that in a book that follows her through the hell that is, unemployment.   It was like sitting and having a girly gossip with any one of my friends, which I think is probably the main reason I enjoyed it so much.

At the end of the book was the address of her website Jennsylvania  and for some strange reason I checked it out, not expecting it to contain a real blog...or any real insight into her life, more expecting it to be some trumped up advertising space for the book...and it contains a real blog AND a link to her myspace account.  I thought that rocked!!

Anyway, this is not a book report, its just a note of satisfaction that I enjoyed the book, and also that I gained some general faith back in the human race today...I thought it noteworthy :)

Monday, January 1, 2007

10:00PM - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

well I could waste mine and everyone elses time by listing new years resolutions....but I only made ONE resolution for NYE and that was to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to chains last night - took a taxi there (had previously arranged a lift which fell through due to illness....but it was ok I managed to get home anyway ;>)

Had a lovely meal, spent time with people that I am fond of saw some great new faces and was left looking after a little subbie in a red dress - NEXT chains I am hoping that his master will allow me to do his make up, dress him and teach him to walk properly.  But he was very appreciative and I actually found myself enjoying the company of people who I had previously found a little tedious (and of course enjoying the company of people that I am lucky enough to call friends!!). 

There was alcohol, socialising, play and catching up with people....then at about 11 A turned up after a day of work....which was a lovely
surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!  Made my NYE complete!!

I hope that all of my wonderful friends had a wonderful NYE - whatever you decided to do!!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

4:57PM - last meme for 2006 - an act in procrastination...

snaffled from gothabillywench because it looked like fun.....upon answering these questions now, I am not so sure :)

1) Where did you begin 2006?

quaffing champagne and black russians outside the Dan O'Connell with aforementioned gothabillywench and A and other friends.

2) What was your status by Valentine's Day?

as A was still unemployed unmentionable de facto - he DID bring me home a lovely bunch of roses!!

3) Were you in school (any time this year)?

yes and no...started studying my diploma of financial planning in the privacy of my own home....3 modules to go!!!!!!!!!!

4) How did you earn your money?
working at "Redundancy Payment Central Fund" as a claims administrator

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?

umm....not this year :)

6) Did you have any encounters with the police?

only one (haha as opposed to las year when I was screwing a member of our "fine constabulary" ... what a mistake THAT turned out to be :>)

7) what were you doing on Christmas?
arguing with my father - good naturedly of course!! it was a good Xmas!!

8) What did you purchase that was over $1000?
nothing....what you think I can toss around a thousand bucks???? Nope, I have far too many debts!!!!!!!!

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
yes...a coworker got married over the Xmas/new year period LAST year and a friend was married at the beginning of december THIS year

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
lots of funerals this year - fortunately, I was not close enough to any of them to be expected to attend :)

11) Have you run into anybody you went to high school/primary with?
said goodbye to a friend of mine who I went to high school with - he moved to the USA
caught up with my year 12 co-ordinator
aside from this no...

12) Did you move anywhere?
no.  Learnt my lesson LAST Xmas when I moved house at that time of year!!

13) What sporting events did you go to?
sporting events?????? not even a footy game this year
although I had fully intended to go to the pub telecast of one of the prize fights that was on earlier in the year.....can't remember who was in it now tho

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
do movies count - I was lucky to even afford to go to movies this year.

OOh I DID manage to get to the gala re-opening of Hellfire - that was a show......

15) Are you registered to vote?
hmm I refuse to answer this on the grounds that it might incriminate me :)

16.) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
umm...none of them - I didn't think that any of them deserved a $million!!!!!!!!!!!

17) Where do you live now?
North Fitzroy with A - over 12 months now and we are both still alive.....

18) Describe your birthday.
excellent fun, quieter than previous years but everyone that I wanted to see turned up....and we all had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!

19) What's one thing you thought you'd never do but did in 2006?
started studying!!

20) What has been your favorite moment?
coming home on the night of my birthday party to see my fairy lights put up around the architrave in our bedroom.

21.) What's something you learned about yourself?

22.) Any new additions to your family?

23.) What was your best month?
I don't have a best month - just months that are not as bad as all the others (and there are more and more of them as time goes on!!)

24.) What music will you remember 2006 by?
hmmm interesting question.....I think that I will remember 2006 best by Pink's "Im not dead" album...

25) Who has been your best drinking buddy?
drinking...who can afford drinking these days - probably A

26) Made new friends?
yes, but more importantly re-kindled friendships with old friends who I had either lost contact or fallen out with during periods of depression or self doubt.

27) New best friend?

28) Favorite night out?
a couple of months back A and I headed to the Dan and caught up with a couple of people that used to frequent there and who we both drank with quite regularly...it was surprisingly one of the most wonderful nights out that I have had this year - isn't it funny how smut and alcohol and humour ALWAYS make for a great night!!

after the re-opening of hellfire I went to coffee with two friends of mine who are getting married, their company also made for one of my favourite nights out

very recently caught up with some friends to see Happy Feet - another favourite...

going to see SawIII is up there as well...

Coffee with a good friend of mine who shared secrets that made me want to hug her very tightly and not let her go

most of my nights out have been favourites

29) Any regrets?
yes....there is one evening earlier this year that I will NEVER get back.....I regret that I wasted that night
I regret not cutting people out of my life before they have a chance to hurt me
I regret doing things that I didn't want to do in the first place and the time that I have wasted
I regret that it has taken me to nearly 30 to decide what direction to take my life in....

but none of these are true regrets because I have learnt from 1-3 and 4 well....if I hadn't taken so long, then I wouldn't appreciate everything thats around me nearly as much as I do.

ok....thats quite enough sentimentality!!!!!!! 

HAVE A WONDERFUL and safe NEW YEARS EVE and best wishes to all of my friends for a wonderful 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 1, 2006


SUNDAY the 3rd December, 2006,
commencing at 8.30 pm
Being held at The Metro 20-30 Bourke St. Melbourne
Performances by: Midori - Satomi - Bridgett Harrington - The Body Grinders - Lukas Zpira - Marquis de Sade
Music by: DJ Dom Tang V DJ AKA Cris
Tickets $20 presale or $25 at door (You can order through MJ's Toybox too, message me for details)
Or go to Eagle Leather - Marquis de Sade - Lucrezia & de Sade's

I will be working in the dungeon - but plan to make time to socialise as well!

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